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Securing your valuables

To date, we’ve never had any problems with security at any of our events. He have a number of security precautions in place to try and look after everyone and everything as best we...

What to bring to LAN

Computer Monitor Keyboard, Mouse, Mousemat Headphones (speakers are not allowed) Monitor cables, power cables, 4-way extension cable Mobile phone + Charger Laptop / Console / Cooler (£5 charge may apply) Sleeping bag Campbed /...


Q. What is BreachLAN ?A. BreachLAN is, put simply, a LAN Party event held in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Q. What is a LAN Party ?A. A LAN Party is an event where you take your...

Staff Profiles

Staff Profiles

BreachLAN is run on an entirely volunteer basis by these three. Dex works a day job as an IT guy. His PC looks like a Unicorn has been binge drinking for four days. Greg...

New Website

Welcome everybody to our new look website. It’s still under development, so we’ve still got some polishing to do.