Q. What is BreachLAN ?
A. BreachLAN is, put simply, a LAN Party event held in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Q. What is a LAN Party ?
A. A LAN Party is an event where you take your computer to our venue, hook it up on a high speed network and play video games with and against each other for a weekend.

Q. What games do you play ?
A. Whatever you want! Any PC game that supports LAN party play is welcome. We host our own dedicated servers for anything with the correct software to ensure fast performance.

Q. So you stay awake for 72 hours?
A. No. Anyone who attempts to do this is an idiot. Take an airbed and a sleeping bag.

Q. Who runs BreachLAN ?
A. BreachLAN is run by a group of volunteers. You can find out more about the staff by reading our Staff Page.

Q. Where are your events held ?
A. BreachLAN holds its events at the Corbie Hall, located approximately ten minutes drive South of Aberdeen, just off the A90 AWPR. Link to venue on Google Maps.

Q. Do you have showers available at the venue?
A. Yes. The showers are open at most times during the day, but not in the mornings when the football team are playing. We’ll let you know when this is so you can plan around it.

Q. Is there an age limit for your events ?
A. Although there is no minimum age limit, anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult over the age of 18 for the duration of their visit.

Q. Can I drink alcohol ?
A. Absolutely, if you are legally allowed to. You need to bring your own beverages and keep it chilled in your own coolbox.

Q. What facilities are there available ?
A. We have a wide range of facilities available for your convenience:

  • ADSL connection.
  • Kitchen with access to a kettle and microwave.
  • Background music and free jukebox on during the days to create the perfect atmosphere.
  • Pizza Delivery on Saturday Nights Which is delivered to your desk.

Fridge space is available but limited only to those who need to keep medicine or other essential items chilled.

Q. Does Steam work on your LAN ?
A. Yes. We also run a Steam cache server which delivers Steam updates at LAN speed if we have the content on the server. However, it is best if you already have your games installed and up to date before you arrive.

Q. What is the Steam cache server and how does it work?
A. If anyone downloads anything from Steam, we automatically keep a copy of it on our local server. Then if anyone else wants it, they get it automatically from our cache, rather than having to download it from the internet.

Q. Can you tell me more about your Internet connection ?
A. At BreachLAN, we have an ADSL line teamed with a 4G connection. It’s reliable and stable, but it isn’t as fast as we’d like. With this in mind, we monitor the connection and we block a handful of websites and protocols that suck up too much bandwidth.

Deliberately bypassing our access controls is considered abuse.

Q. Can I bring my own server?
A. Yes. For a fee of £10, we can provide space for your server at the event. Please contact the staff prior to the event before doing this.

Q. Can I take two monitors ?
A. Yes. For a small fee of £5, we allow certain extra appliances. You can have one extra low current device at your desk, such as a second monitor, laptop, mini fridge, desk fan or games console. This is also providing that you don’t intrude onto your neighbors desk. If you are unsure if your device is low current or not, just ask!

We do not allow anyone to charge any electric vehicles.

Q. What are the rules about other electrical appliances?
A. Certain high current electrical devices are only allowed in the sleeping area or the kitchen and must be approved by a member of staff.

High current electrical devices include:

  • Kettles
  • Fan Heaters
  • Hairdryers / Hair straighteners
  • George Foreman grills
  • Toasted sandwich makers

Q. Should I take my own food and drink?
A. Yes. Please read our “What To Bring” guide for more details.

Q. Will my equipment be safe ?
A. We do our best to look after you and your possessions, but can’t take any responsibility for them. Have a read of our security guide for some tips to look after your stuff.

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