Frequently Played Games

You’re open to play any LAN game you like at BreachLAN. If there’s something specific you want to play, join us on Discord and tell the others who are coming, and there will probably be someone else who wants to play with you. If you look at our ‘#Thursday Game Night’ channel, there is probably a great chance that loads of the games on there will be played.

Practically guaranteed to play: These are the games we are almost certain to play at some point during BreachLAN events.

Crab Game (Steam) (FREE)
Flatout 2 (Steam)
Heroes Of The Storm (Battle.Net) (FREE)
Killing Floor 2 (Steam)
Wreckfest (Steam)

Likely to play: These are the games we are quite likely to play, especially if someone wants to play and asks us to make time for.

Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop (Steam) (FREE)
Company of Heroes 2 (Steam)
Counter Strike: Global Offensive (Steam) (FREE)
Deep Rock Galactic (Steam)
Left 4 Dead 2 (Steam)
Payday 2 (Steam)
Phasmophobia (Steam)
Team Fortress 2 (Steam)

Possible to play: These are the games we played a handful of times in the past and quite a few of us still own. If you want to play these you may need to ask staff or prompt some others to start a game of it.

Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator (Steam)
Deceit (Steam)
DEFCON (Steam)
Double Action: Boogaloo (Steam) (FREE)
Golf With Your Friends (Steam)
GTFO (Steam)
Half Life: Deathmatch (Steam)
Open TTD (Steam) (FREE)
Rainbow 6: Siege (Steam) (Base version is best version)
Sniper Elite 4 (Steam)
Starcraft II (Battle.Net) (FREE)
Sven Co-op (Steam) (FREE)
Unreal Tournament 2004 (Steam)
Rocket League (Epic Store) (FREE)
Valheim (Steam)
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 (Steam)

Projector games: These are games we have up on our projector you can play at any time. You don’t need to own any of these games, just grab a controller off the desk and get stuck in.

Gang Beasts
Jackbox Party Pack (1-8)
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
Mount Your Friends
Move or Die
Nidhogg 1/2
Overcooked 1/2
Party Panic
Speed Runners
Stick Fight: The Game
Ultimate Chicken Horse

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