EvE Diaries Ep 1: From Citizen to Pirate

Episode 1: A new career path

Seona Effie is a young and ambitious pilot in New Eden. She works as a freelance mercenary attached to a large but disorganised corporation of similarly directionless pilots. Her home is a safe corner of Empire space patrolled regularly by CONCORD, the New Eden Police Service. Seona is happy and grateful for her quiet, peaceful existence.

At work, she never speaks to her colleagues. She’s happy enough spending her days shooting a never-ending supply of NPC goons, trading resources and mining asteroids. After many years of this, Seona was beginning to grow lonely and decided to try and make new friends. She wants to be part of something bigger than herself and be part of a team.

She began reading through the recruitment adverts for other corporations. One advert stuck out like a bright neon sign on a seedy Minmitar bar. “Join the Potato Academy for friendship, camaraderie, adventure and excitement.” Seona set up a conversation with charming CEO Eric Shang and was immediately welcomed into the group and invited out on a roam with the senior members of the group, “Spudden Attack” and “Spudden Impact”. The gang headed out into dangerous space where CONCORD don’t have the resources to patrol. The only thing CONCORD can do in this space is watch from afar any crimes that occur. Seona was introduced to the lucrative business of piracy.

This was an entirely new world for her. Seona had never hurt anyone before. Could she really shoot at and steal from other pilots? She’d spent her existence in New Eden up to this point protecting other citizens from crime. Every other pilot is just another human who, like her, had worked hard to buy their own spaceship — and now she was about to go out with people who are quite happy to steal and destroy things, just for laughs.

It wasn’t long until Seona had to make the decision. The gang of experienced pilots quickly hunted down and trapped an inattentive soldier fighting for the Gallente Militia. This soldier had done nothing wrong – he just wasn’t paying attention and managed to get himself cornered and outgunned.

While the main gang remotely disabled the soldiers ship, none of them opened fire on their prey. They waited for Seona to catch up. The gang knew the soldier was harmless: his ship was completely disabled with no engines, electricity, repair systems, weapons or means to retaliate. He was a dead man. They wanted Seona to take the first shot at their target.

Outnumbered 5:1 by a much better equipped fleet, how do you think this fight went?

“It’s his own fault,” said Seona to herself. “If he’d been paying attention he could have run away before we got here.” Seona locked on and opened fire. The rest of the gang joined in. The tiny frigate was quickly destroyed. The pilot in his squishy unarmoured pod forcefully ejected out into space and was lucky enough to be able to scramble away before the gang could target that too.


The gang cheered, quickly moved in and stole everything that wasn’t destroyed from the wreckage, salvaged what remained of the ship and quickly scarpered, wary of any reinforcements that may have been enroute to their location.

While this experience had been thrilling, it had come at a cost: the profit Seona had expected to make was entirely non-existent. All the loot and salvage that the group had collected was put forward into the Ship Replacement Programme, a scheme that funded the replacement of any ships the gang lost while out on corporation business. This destruction of property hadn’t gone unnoticed by CONCORD either. The killing was added to Seona’s criminal record, and her security status was reduced.

It wasn’t a big deal, yet. But it would be. Having a long criminal record and a low security status would force Seona to leave her home and live in dangerous space outside the reach of CONCORD. Huge chunks of the universe would be out of bounds. She wouldn’t be able to buy or sell at busy trade hubs. She’d be unable to visit safe space, even briefly, without being shot down by CONCORD.

Exhibit A: When you live as a pirate, the police will kill you if you go near them.

For now, Seona decided to settle in with her new friends. Her long record of public service meant this recent criminality merited nothing more than a 15-minute timeout from CONCORD. Time would tell if Seona would settle into this new lifestyle.

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