EvE Online – Join the Breach Donut Factory

EvE Online is one of the longest running MMO’s in existence. What makes EvE unique among other MMO’s is the freedom you have to play the game however you want, in a sandbox unlike any other online experience.

Career paths

You want to be a titan of industry? No problem! Over 99.9% of the items available in game have been manufactured by another player and are being sold at a location they choose, at a price they set. Knowing what to make and where to sell it is the key to making big profits.

You’re going to need blueprints and minerals to manufacture stuff. Some you can buy on the open market, but some you’re going to need to research yourself.

You want to enforce the law? Absolutely! CONCORD (the in-game police force) and the NPC corporations are always in need of some muscle. Jump in a ship and go shoot all the bad guys you want. Build up your bank, upgrade your ships and take on bigger and tougher enemies.

The Megathron: a gorgeous battleship that can be fitted with huge turrets ready to blast opponents out of the sky.

You want to be a pirate? Y’arrr! Jump in a ship, load up on ammo and traps, then go out and find real human players to victimise. Steal their loot, extort them, kill them, or all three! All is fair in the pursuit of being a pirate king.

Extorting other players with threats of blowing up their stuff is completely allowed. Demanding strangers pay if they want to be in your space can be very lucrative for pirates. You can protect yourself by staying near CONCORD, but even so, they may not be fast enough if there are enough enemies willing to sacrifice themselves.

You want to be a market trader? Hell yeah! Set up your empire as The Wolf of New Eden! Look at the data, buy the stuff that’s under-priced and sell it somewhere else where it’s in greater demand. Use buy orders to automatically buy things from other players and put it back on the market for profit. There is big money to be made moving resources from where they are common to where they are needed.

The EvE Online marketplace has thousands of items, all made by other players. If you know how to spot a bargain, and where things are in demand, you can make a fortune.

You want to be a miner? Get diggin’! The absolute bedrock of industry is the miners. Start out mining common rocks in the safe corners of space before building up a stronger ship and heading into dangerous pirate territory to get juicier, more valuable rocks, gas and ice. Increase your skills to be more efficient and make more money.

The Retriever is a small but powerful mining barge. Use it to rip apart asteroid fields to get valuable minerals which you can sell for profit.

No matter your chosen career path, everything comes at a price and, in EvE, the price for living in (relatively) safe Empire space is that it’s almost impossible to make enough money to fly more desirable high end ships. The starting areas are highly populated by other players and law enforcement is strict and swift. Industrial players and traders face high taxes and extreme competition. PvE players will quickly outmatch the available NPC’s. Miners can only find small common rocks. Pirates will face a quick, brutal, grizzly end, being endlessly shot down by CONCORD.

Life in New Eden isn’t easy. That’s why you need some buddies to help you out.

Moving out of the safe space

To make more money and get better loot, you need to venture out of safe Empire space and into dangerous pirate-controlled space. Law enforcement is weaker, laws apply, but aren’t enforced equally or, in some cases, aren’t enforced at all. Gangs of pirates roam looking to take control of territory, extort pilots, or just murder people for no reason other than because they can. With this risk though, comes reward: lower taxes, less competition, rarer resources to harvest, more dangerous NPC’s to shoot, as well as plenty of pirates to kill if you want some PvP action.

Pew pew pew.

Beyond pirate space, lies the rarest resources and juiciest loot. There is no law enforcement. The rules are made up by whoever has the military power to impose their will. A lone outsider will be swiftly annihilated. Regularly visiting this dangerous space will require you to be part of an in-game corporation, which itself is part of a larger alliance.

This is a map of the EvE Online universe. Each of the coloured areas is territory controlled by corporations and alliances with huge military resources. If you show up here as an unwelcome guest, you can expect to be swiftly shot. There are no CONCORD patrols here. The map redraws itself every few weeks as alliances fight over territory.

EvE isn’t like other MMO’s where, after enough grinding, every player will get the goods. There is no traditional XP system where you will eventually reach the top just by virtue of playing long enough. Even an experienced pilot, with the best ships, will be outmatched by a younger player who has taken the time to learn the game mechanics, fit their ship better and fly more intelligently. If you grind your way into an expensive ship that you don’t know how to fly properly, you will lose it. If you want to reach the top, you have to dominate; you have to be the best.

Breach Donut Factory – Our corporation

In the past, BreachLAN had it’s own in-game corporation. We stayed in the nice, safe starter areas and specialised in some nice, safe mining and some nice, safe PvE missions. We were happy eating crumbs with no interest, drive or leadership to go after the rest of the cake. The corporation ultimately fell apart because a war declaration from a rival corp made all our pilots too afraid to play the game for fear of losing their expensive ships and squishy pilots. This time around, we shouldn’t have these problems.

Sign up for your EvE Online account at the link below to get 1 Million free skillpoints. You only have to pay for game time if your character has more than 5 Million skillpoints.

Firstly, the war declaration mechanic has had a fundamental overhaul. Corporations can now set themselves up in such a way that they cannot have a war declared on them. Breach Donut Factory is set up to make war declarations against us impossible.

Secondly, the unarmoured, unarmed pods with the squishy pilots inside are now free to replace without loss of skill points. We no longer have to fear massive setbacks because clones are out of date.

Don’t worry frozen corpse adrift in space. Your replacement clone is free. You’ll be back in the warmth of a fresh pod soon.

Finally, although the corporation will be headquartered in safe Empire space, I have already arranged for our corporation to be part of a low-security alliance, pending the results of initial recruitment efforts and ongoing participation levels. The alliance is full of people ready and motivated to dominate territory. They are ready to dominate all sectors of their corner of the universe from mining and production through to logistics and combat.

The alliance is primarily based in low-security space. We will join their operations and learn how to effectively manage the risk of low security space and make big cash. We’ll join in the roams and PvP in the relative safety of a large groups with experienced fleet captains. We will be the pirates out looking for a fight in large groups, mining the rare and expensive resources and providing safety and security to our friends wanting to access the richer resources of dangerous space, and we will provide the targets for those wanting things to shoot at.

The Potato Alliance is a new alliance with pilots experienced in all aspects of the EvE Online. I’ve already spoken to the alliance director and if the Breach Donut Factory is busy enough and ready to help with achieving the goals of the alliance, we can join and be part of something even bigger.

Getting started

Click the image below to be redirected to the account creation page. Make your account there and you will get 1 Million free Skillpoints. to allocate as you choose. I’d love to help you through the tutorial missions and into the Breach Donut Factory and start having fun.

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